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Heya, I'm Celt. I'm doing a modified NaNo, trying to use my 50K words to finish the piles of WIPs I have lying around, rather than creating yet another one ^_^;

I love the idea of this community. I was looking at the character and plot realism board on the NaNo site (forget exactly what it's called), but it's basically the same idea as this place. I'd much rather use LJ though, since the NaNo boards lag horribly -.-

Anyhow! I have a question, or more accurately, a couple of them which I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with =)

In American public schools, do kids usually bring their own lunches, or buy them at a cafeteria/tuck shop? Do they usually eat in one big hall, or scattered around the school? If you buy food at school, do you have to pay for it on the day, or can you put it on a tab?

That's about it for the moment!

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